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AUP, Ye Scruvy Dogs

Before adding yer site to this archive please ensure ye have followed this AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), if these terms be not adhered to yer application will be rejected!

We reserve th' right not to contact ye in this instance, also;
please allow 24 - 36 hours for yer link to appear in this directory before contacting us and/or applying again, Yer email address (if supplied) be used as a point o' contact for yer application and not any other purposes please look at our privacy policy on this subject.

Aye, for a Free Listin'
Yer listin' will appear free o' any charge and we will not request a reciprocal link in exchange, and we will send ye traffic provided that:

  1. Ye have read and understand our policies and terms regarding this site!
  2. Yer site be a relevant site and/or ye have a relevant offer to advertise!
    i.e. we only list sites here if they have similar content to ours; example (if we were selling cars this would have nothing to do with motorbikes!) th' only situation that may change this be if ye were a site sponsor, even then we choose our sponsors carefully!
  3. Please do not pick a category that does not suit yer site!
  4. We do not link to non-family or illegal content orientated sites!
  5. Th' editor's decision be ALWAYS final!
  6. Yer listing will be subject to a visitor voting system; this be to enhance th' visitors experience and to ensure all th' best sites stay at th' top by Internet visitor choice! Yer site has as much chance as any other for being in top position.

Ahoy, for a Reciprocal Link Exchange
All th' above terms in th' free listing above applies plus if ye do link back to our site and ye be tellin' us we will also text link back to yours within th' listings in this situation ye must:

  1. Ensure ye have linked to us by one o' these following methods!
  2. Ensure yer link to us be no more than one level deep on yer site!
  3. Ensure th' page whar our link resides be accessible from th' front page!
  4. Otherwise we will still list ye if yer site be interesting but we will send traffic to ye via a script!

For ye sponsorship listin' And/Or (Paid Advertisin')
Support our cause and contact us givin' yer full details and which page ye would like to appear on, at present we be adding paid sponsored sites manually! Shiver me timbers!

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